Coronary blood flow frequently compromises a clear view of the opened coronary vessel. Visibility is crucial during coronary suturing and throughout cardiovascular procedures. Two features are important during off-pump surgery, proper visualization of the anastomosis site regarding blood flow and prevention of endothelial damage. A bloodless surgical field can be created by using humidified carbon dioxide.

The MicroSurge Soft-Tip Blow Mister is a device that is used to distribute this humidified carbon dioxide. The Blow Mister fluid administration set has both a roller and a tubing clamp, which provide means to adjust fluid flow. The malleable wand offers ease of positioning near the surgical sight with fully supported ambidextrous use via standard connections. In-Line volumtric flow allows for precise adjustment of output.

The accessibility of the MicroSurge Blow Mister is what sorts it out to be such a high performing medical device. The Blow Mister includes 8 feet of tubing pre-connected to it as well as the ambidextrous, both-hands usage. These characteristics, as well as the long malleable wand, have shaped the Blow Mister into a high-performance medical device, able to keep all surgical fields clear due to the devices flexibility and range.