MicroSurge Soft-Tip Blow Mister

Surge™ Cardiovascular’s Blow Mister with administration set has a plastic handle and a malleable wand for ease of positioning near the surgical site. It has a soft distal tip that contains a plastic tube which carries saline solution to the distal tip of the device. The proximal end includes a Y-connector with a fluid inlet line and a gas inlet line. The gas line is connected to the straight leg of the Y-connector. The gas line has an inline 0.2 micron filter and terminates in a slip connector for connection to a gas source. The fluid administration set features PVC tubing conjoined to the gas line to facilitate tubing management. The fluid administration set has both a roller and a tubing clamp, which provide a means to adjust fluid flow. The gas line has a tubing clamp to control the gas flow. The administration set is approximately 8-10’ in length.




Features & Benefits
  1. Malleable Wand – Fully customizable shape and directional function
  2. Non-Handed – Fully supports ambidextrous use via standard connections
  3. Pre-Connected Administration Set – Easily connects to standard saline bags and CO2 connecti
  4. In-Line Volumetric Flow – Allows for precise adjustment of output
  5. Directional – Quick Set-Up
  6. Mist Control – Fluid Control


Catalog SKUProduct NamePer Box
BLM-22150BlowMister, malleable wand (6” Length) with soft tip,
pre-connected administration (CO2 / saline tubing) set


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