MicroSurge Mini Suture Guides

Surge™ Cardiovascular Mini Curved Suture Guide provides suture organization and management during operative procedures, specifically open heart procedures for heart valve replacements. The mini curved suture guide is designed with suture retention slots arranged in a radial pattern around the surgical site.



Features & Benefits
  1. Small platform – Versatile placement options
  2. Low-Profile – Compact guide responds to needs of progressive surgical approaches
  3. Suture Retention – Securely retains suture tension and organization
  4. Adhesive Backing – Provides secure and direct placement
  5. EZ-Peel Tab – Ease of Use


Catalog SKUSuture GuidesPer Box
SUT-M110MicroSurge® Mini Suture Guide25
SUT-M114MicroSurge® Mini Suture Guide16




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