PEAK Left Heart Vent Cannula

Surge™ Cardiovascular has developed an exclusive Extended Length Aortic Root Antegrade Cardioplegia Cannula that features a low-profile, distal vent with a primary parallel lumen over the entire length. The design enables the cardiac surgeon to vent at the most distal aspect of the cannula limiting the risk of re-infusion of air emboli. The design provides multiple benefits while continuing to maximize space/visualization through progressive operative approaches. This unique design also enables venting of the left ventricle during cardiopulmonary bypass
with entrance at the juncture of the right superior pulmonary vein.




Features & Benefits
  1. 24 Slot Shaped Holes – Uniquely designed to allow for superior free flow venting of the blood
  2. Malleable Introducer – Provides unlimited manipulation of the cannula to the desired shape
  3. Open/Rounded Tip – Allows vent cannula to get closer to the apex of the ventricle
  4. Tapered Tip – Easy insertion
  5. Depth Marks – Multiple printed depth marks provide indicators to easily identify depth


Catalog SKUProduct NamePer Box
LVV-016SPEAK - Left Heart Vent Cannula, 16Fr20
LVV-018SPEAK - Left Heart Vent Cannula, 18Fr20
LVV-020SPEAK - Left Heart Vent Cannula, 20Fr20


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